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What To Do With “Issues In Your Tissues” – Endocannabinoid System 101

What To Do With “Issues In Your Tissues” – Endocannabinoid System 101

Top 9 Issues You Can Leave Behind With a Little Knowledge & Know How

We all have an endocannabinoid system called the ECS, a series of chemicals and receptors throughout our body: in our brain, organs, connective tissue, glands and immune cells. Our ECS is the connector between body, mind, and spirit signaling this triad to deliver what’s needed to our cells for structural stability, core balance and overall wellbeing.

What a relief it is to finally know what’s going on with all these issues – now we need a common understanding of how this works and what we can do to guide us towards being more healthy, happy, productive and fulfilled.

Our common goal is identifying the role of the ECS in our personal health and wellness. We start with the knowledge that the ECS promotes internal balance and stability, which leads to homeostasis, the condition necessary to obtain healing from most chronic conditions and critical to establishing, maintaining and advancing human health.

Once you’ve established your personal homeostasis level you can begin to adapt new patterns into your daily regimen, often achieving personal goals. This new found experience of balance allows us to become a more sustainable human being encouraging new prime effect conditions such as ideal weight management, peak performance at work or sports, or simply freedom and relief from chronic issues such as allergies, memory loss, sleeplessness or pain.

Once we are free of these chronic conditions we can begin to imagine and enjoy new practices, social experiences, better relationships, deeper learning and our own unique gifts or “super powers” of creativity, strength, wisdom. When we experience ourselves reaching our full potential of balance and wellness we say we have achieved our Prime Effect.

What You Need to Know About these Common Issues

The 9 areas the ECS regulates are:

1) Metabolism
2) Immune Response
3) Inflammation
4) Emotions
5) Memory
6) Learning
7) Appetite & Weight
8) Neuroprotection
9) Stress Relief

ECS Stimulation — PHYTECS

Activating your ECS with CBD 

While your body naturally produces its own cannabinoids, called endocannabinoids, your ECS can also respond to and benefit from plant-based cannabinoids such as cannabidiol (CBD.) CBD stimulates activity and binds to the receptors that are found in the brain and throughout the immune system, informing the way the body functions, feels and forms thoughts (the QI). Introducing phytocannabinoids into our diet and daily practice provides broad, immediate benefits to health issues individual and common to each of us.

The goal of functional medicine has long been to treat these issues with an integrative approach to principles, practices, protocols and medicinal, supplementary and food products that heal, support and provide relief from our tissue issues.

One thing is certain, a functional endocannabinoid system is hardwired into all of us and essential for good health. Understanding this functionality and demanding more research and education for our health and safety is a good thing and a necessary starting point to knowing which CBD or phytonutrient rich hemp products we choose to buy directly, online or accept medicinally from our physicians.

These entourage benefits of endocannabinoids allow us to thrive and survive in an environment that is increasingly challenging and a culture regularly using addictive medications alone for resolution instead of plant based solutions available from nature. As we begin to incorporate hemp and other adaptogenic herbs into our daily practices, we can rid ourselves from the harmful side effects common to pharmaceutical and chemical medications.

Fast forward to living a whole new way of wellbeing and get your ECS on track and in flow. 

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