A Philosophy made Practical as a Gift from Mother Nature – Quintessential Intelligence 101

A Philosophy made Practical as a Gift from Mother Nature

In developing our awareness of this Quintessential Intelligence (QI), our own personal sense and knowledge of Quality Inside, a good place to start is in the quintessential intelligence of plant life. There is much that we can learn from the nutritious essentials they provide us in food, supplementation, and medicine.

The science of phytocannabinoids and terpenoids found in the hemp cannabis plant is perhaps one of the most misunderstood and interesting intelligence systems found in mother nature. The plant blooms annually with flowers and seeds rich in nutrients used for centuries in food, ancient medicinal remedies, and now in many emerging nutritional and medicinal applications. The “Mother” of all plants, hemp has numerous benefits to be found in every stem, stalk, flower, leaf and bud, and especially in the female form of the plant. From food and wellness products, to clothing and home building, science is discovering new uses for the plants, all the while validating ancient traditions of use.

Many of its compounds and molecules are adaptogenic, meaning that when administered through food or medicinal methods, they promote homeostasis, a stabilization of the physiological patterns and responses that negatively impact our health and well being. This in turn decreases sensitivity to cellular stress. The QI of the body utilizes the assistance of the phytocannabinoids and other adaptogens to give each organ, and even each cell, its ideal support. Biophysicists have found that cell satiety, or the fulfillment of the human being on a cellular level, can lead the way to sustained well being and prolonged vital life.

Homeostasis, or the Prime Effect as we call it, is the natural balance of the body towards which all natural and physiological systems return when stress is replaced by appropriate support. When we reach the Prime Effect it allows us to move forward with our physical evolution rather than give ourselves over to the risk of illness, syndromes and chronic conditions that repetitively entangle us in persistent imbalance.

A profound sense of wellness and balance is our natural human state, the way Mother Nature surely intended us live our lives.

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