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It All Starts With Our Mother – Quintessential Intelligence 101


It All Starts With Our Mother

Spring is a great time for reflection and awareness as we honor our mothers and the maternal nature of our life-giving systems. Easter and Passover rituals coincide with ancient May Day rites of passage. Earth Day was just celebrated, and Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Just as we honor our Mothers who have nourished and cared for us, we must do the same for Mother Earth, who provides care and nourishment for us with her immense, bountiful heart.

We start by honoring the gift of life from our mothers and the life-force in our soils, water, plants, minerals and animals, bringing us greater awareness and capacity for regenerating our own quality of life. Sharing resources, love and positive energy also helps us to live happier, and healthier. Taking time to reflect on and honor the abundance that our mothers provide to us, we can find a greater awareness and unity with our own Quintessential Intelligence.

What we put in our bodies needs to be harmonious to the values, ethics, and “QI” we strive for. Full spectrum, whole plant food and nutrition takes time to cultivate, prepare and produce, but the cumulative health benefits we find in naturally occurring ingredients are much healthier and wholesome than artificial, synthetic, or genetically modified foods and pharmaceuticals.

Quintessential Intelligence (QI, pronounced chi) is known in Eastern medicine as the life force of our human being. Traditionally, modern media salutes the idea of the “Inner Force” in a masculine light.  However, nature maintains a quiet connectivity to all living things. A unifying intuition, resonance, and coherence within the balance between health of our physiological human nature and experience, like a mother and her unmatchable bond between child and self. In the unity of these two forces, we find the QI, an inner source of Knowledge that recognizes Quality and Balance in the world and in ourselves.

This deeper level of Knowledge flows from our hearts, awaiting our discovery and awareness of what makes us human, connected, healthy, and alive. Daniel Goleman’s book “Emotional Intelligence” greatly broadened our thinking about Intelligence Quotient (IQ) by proposing a complementary Emotional Quotient (EQ) empowering our ability to understand and engage in emotional communication. QI incorporates the Emotional EQ and Scientific IQ,  illuminating an unchartered realm practice of wellbeing.

Nature creates and regenerates from its own QI. Air, water, fire, mineral, and life as expressed in the intricate patterns and balances of the ecosystems of all living things, the physiological systems of the Human body, all flow within the same cycle to create what we know as Nature’s QI. As human beings, when we strive to become more balanced and in tune with this life Force, we find a higher quality of life and harmonious peace of mind.

It all starts with our mother’s life-giving nurturing care. We’re alive, healthy and Quintessentially Intelligent. Let’s spread the word we want to keep it this way. Let’s hold up the Quality and abundance our Mothers provide for us, and honor the lives they have provided us with.




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