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Top Five Wellness Trends that Work with Phytocannabinoids

Top Five Wellness Trends that Work with Phytocannabinoids

1 – Food that Soothes

Fighting inflammation with food is a major healthy priority—and for good reason, considering inflammation is linked to everything from skin to life threatening illnesses.

“We expect to see the market for inflammation-fighting foods with phytonutrients to grow and double by 2020 and expect 2017 to be a big year in terms of new product announcements and continued research and development for phytocannabinoids,” says Cherie Arnold, founder and formulator at MediQI Energetics.

Inflammation-fighting ingredients are already trending on social media sites. Trending flavors such as pumpkin seed oil, moringa oil and cinnamon containing CBD or cannabidiol without the psych0-activity are about to become the quality intelligent ingredient in everything from soup to nuts.

It’s no coincidence that many healthy food trends—from bullet-proof coffee and cauliflower rice to hemp milks and vegan cheese—are substitutes for inflammatory ingredients like gluten, grains, and dairy.

Pick food choices that soothe the system and eliminate inflammatory responses. Expect food brands to capitalize on the CBD buzz in 2017

2 – Plants as Medicine

Plant intelligence is going seriously mainstream. Retail brands now want to become CBD infused with foods, beauty products, and other consumer goods that bottle the plant’s much-buzzed-about yet still little known healing benefits.

There is relief from the buzz however as these very legal products won’t make you high (sorry!) but will make you healthy with sustained use. They use non-psychoactive extracts from the plant—most notably, cannabidiol or CBD. (The psychoactive THC content is also below the US legal limit of .03 percent.)

A growing body of scientific research shows the phytocannabinoid, CBD has the power to reduce anxiety and stress, lower inflammation, relax the body and mind, and subtly lift the mood.

CBD is also showing up in skin-care brands which make anti-inflammatory creams and balms.  Cannabinoid drink powders and sprays help reduce anxiety, while hemp nutritional oils help soothe menstrual cramps, states of anxiety, and help homeostasis long term.

And as states continue to legalize marijuana, you’ll see it moving into cooking, winemaking, and even fitness. Look for cannabis use to become part of people’s wellness and workday routines.

3 – Work Leisure Living

Wellness and leisure have always been a thing, but now curated experiences developed by leading wellness insiders and top tier fitness instructors are trending—and retreats are getting more sophisticated as a result. This new trend is called wellness advances – social experiences that take you to new heightened effects and create healthy lifestyle practices inclusive of all needs.

Women don’t want to go to an office everyday that takes them away from their healthy approach to life. Advances are the answer—and you get to experience a new culture. It’s not just doing yoga for 60 minutes every morning and calling that wellness. It includes integrating all practices encompassing nutrition, yoga, and natural beauty treatments.

Without distractions of “to-do lists, families, and responsibilities,” these experiences no matter how short or long are where we “meet one’s true self, not for escape but for personal development.

4 – Purse Size and Portables

Forget sugary, vitamin-dusted waters—new hyper-functional, ultra-healthy, virtually medicinal beverages are about to flood the market.

Whether you’re in need of an energy boost, focusing your thoughts, or quality shut-eye, there’s a drink for that—no specialty store required.

Modern philosophies based on ancient remedies, essential oils and inhalators including drops under the tongue are in high fashion. Next year, these tonics will get even more purse-size and portable.

What’s responsible for the functional beverages boom? More people are turning to ancient remedies for their modern maladies. In the medicinal community, it’s overwhelmingly accepted that herbal and natural extracts with proven efficacy can have significant impact on attitude, appearance, and overall wellbeing.  These new formats take the guesswork out of the pills and powders, which have traditionally dominated the function-specific product space.

It may take all of us some time to get over our easy pill popping ways but if we can have all the benefits in bite size foods then why not?

5 – Woo Woo Wellness Goes Mainstream

Well this one has always been around and actually are ancient healing modalities in modern artful craft foods, crystals and jewelry.

Alchemy is the magic behind the physics and part of how natural medicine and foods have always been.

When you can fill your shopping cart at Target with Crystal Light as well as crystals, you know something’s seriously changed. But for a generation raised on yoga, meditation, and green juice, formerly fringe “woo woo” wellness concepts are becoming essentially mainstream.

Crystals are increasingly celebrated as life-enhancing, whether as jewelry or in home design or skincare, food or mineral makeups, by everyone from celebrities and hip hop stars to fitness phenomenon such as yoga and feng shui practices used to protect and balance the energetic flow of the space.

Acceptance for things like cupping continues to grow, too: Just a few years ago, the world gasped (and rolled their eyes) when Gwyneth Paltrow revealed bruises from a cupping session.

Even reiki, one of the most mysterious energy healing practices is becoming an in-demand service with more people—and brands eager to explore things like quintessential intelligence meditation and even shamanic journeying.

Thank the anxiety-inducing era we’re living in.  Intense times call for serious magic.

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